PGDBA Interview Experiences – Part 2

The second round of selection for PGDBA 2016-2018 is just around the corner. So, Madhur Modi is back with yet another compilation of interview experiences of some of our batchmates. This article reflects the diversity of our batch and hopefully the interview experiences shared here will provide the selected aspirants a peek into the kind of questions they are going to face. Happy Reading!!


Sailesh Mohanty, B.Tech in Electronics and communications with 3 years of experience in Banking and financial services and an excellent quizzer

“I had my interview on the first day so I answered about the separate written test which was held for everyone during the process. There were questions on probability and Bernoulli process, distributions and questions related to formulae. I was also asked about my job experience which primarily focussed upon customer analytics and acquisition. I had left my job and travelled places which I described vividly along with blogs I wrote during the time. The interview also covered current affairs with my opinion about topics related to net neutrality (which was a trending topic at that time) .”


Loveleen Kaur, a fresher in electrical engineering

“I had applied using my GRE score and my interview led to questions about my decision to pick this course over general management. There were a lot of HR questions including my introduction and family background. I also faced technical puzzles such as how to increase sales of a petrol pump. Other technical questions were focused on probability, linear algebra and calculus. It was a short interview with questions based on topics on my areas of interest.”


Niten Singh, B.Tech in electrical engineering with 4+ years of experience in IT industry

“My experience is in databases ERP systems. The interview covered questions about my job experience and HR topics. Technical questions were mainly around basics of probability and probability density functions. He also asked about distributions and limit and continuity. I answered what would be my expectations from the course, the work culture of different companies I have worked in, statistics and its uses. It was a diverse interview with a lot of focus on statistics”


Subhra Sardar, B.Tech in IT with around 2.5+ years of software experience and an awesome designer

“I have worked on Mainframe computers which hold relevance in analytics so my interview focused on how they are currently prevalent in the industry and how they are slowly migrating to other systems. I also faced technical questions which were based on probability, statistics and permutations. There were times when I faced difficulties solving but the panelists were kind enough to provide me small hints which were enough to find the solution. My interview slot was the last one of the day yet it took 30 minutes to complete. However, the interview was focused both on my job and technical skills.”


Hitesh Dundi, a fresher with B.Tech in EEE

“I had a 30-minute-long, quite formal interview. I faced general knowledge based questions, with technical questions mostly based on calculus and coordinate geometry and other topics such as binomial theorem. Since I am a fresher, I was also asked questions about my subjects in college.”


Ramakrishna Ronanki, a mechanical engineer with around 4 years of manufacturing experience

“My interview focussed on my introduction, job experience. They also asked why I wanted to join the course. They delved deep into the topic and also discussed my background and startup which my brother started. There were mathematical questions such as on functions, probability and definition with examples of basic topics such as mutually exclusive events. The interview also covered the questions around the written test which we gave during the interview process”


Akshay Naik, a fresher in computer engineering

“My interview was mainly focused on college related topics including my project which happened to be based on education analytics. Thus my interview was skin deep focused on analytics and college project. I also answered technical questions on statistics and time series. Sometimes I could not answer completely but the panelists gave hints using which led to the solution. Project related questions covered use of statistics in the project, tools and software, sponsors. I was also asked about R programming language and many project specific questions. Technical questions were also based on quadratic equations and binomial theorem, simple and compound interest.”


Chandra Bhanu Jha, a mechanical engineer with 11 months of IT experience and a talented guitarist

“They asked about job description, my profile and college. Even with only 11 months of experience, the panelist questioned exhaustively on my job including job specific questions (physics simulations and SHM, its assumptions and characteristics and physical significance). Another major question was why analytics? I also answered queries about my undergraduate paper which was on neural networks, how they can be applied in the field of mechanical engineering. I gave an overview of the management related subjects during my college such as operations research, optimization and finance. Thus my interview was mainly filled with drilling questions on my job profile, SHM, mechanical engineering and college paper”


Manaswi Veligatla, B.Tech in Instrumentation engineering with 10 months of experience in petrochemical sector

“My interview began around my job description and job profile and part time financial work. This took the interview towards the methods to analyze data. I faced only a couple of mathematical questions on integrations. They also questioned why I want to take PGDBA and applied using GRE score. I described how I had interests in mathematics and was planning to pursue MS in the same but found this course in India better suited to my profile. Overall my interview was mainly focused on my job experience and finance.”


Riju Bhattacharya, B.Tech in Production engineering with 1.25 years of experience in pure-play analytics

“Apart from the questions related to why I wanted to join this course on analytics and my introductions, I answered about my job profile in analytics and projects completed so far. Having worked in both retail and healthcare analytics I was quizzed on statistical knowledge, data mining problems and mathematical questions from the written test. Overall my interview was focussed on how this course would benefit my progression as an analytics professional”

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